Dr Juliette McGregor

I am a vision researcher with interests in both basic science and translational questions. I specialize in applying advanced imaging technology to explore retinal function in the living eye. Recent work has focused on optogenetic vision restoration and the physiology of the fovea.

Contact: jmcgrego@ur.rochester.edu

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I am a research assistant professor at the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester. I use adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy paired with calcium imaging to measure retinal function in the living eye. I did my PhD "Imaging dynamic biological processes" in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Prof. Dame Athene Donald FRS.


My work lies at the interface between physics and biology and the techniques involved range.....

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Public Engagement

Part of the fun of being a scientist is sharing what we've learnt. I think it's our responsibility too.....

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